Upon joining VibZin UK as a representative you will beable to earn commission from your personal orders and any referred orders.

When signing up to Vibzin we will automatically assume you are at the legal age to sell products and agree to these terms and conditions.

All orders must be done via your own referral link which is given to you upon confirmation of registration.

Commission may vary however it will always start at 20% and 2% for downline sales if you choose to recruit.

Any customer refunds your account will be debited for the commison earned on that order if a refund is granted.

Any debts unpaid would be passed to a debt collector.

You may beable to earn commission from your personal Recruits also please refer to your welcome email for more information.

You can start Recruiting and selling as soon as your account has been activated and you have recieved your referral links.

Make sure you are using your links, our affiliate system works correctly so there should be no errors if a referral link has been used correctly.

If for some reason a sale hasn’t allocated on your back office you should contact us immediately with proof of ordering (order number and or customer name) without this information we cannot allocate any orders.

If a recruit joins you but isn't showing in your back office, once they have been activated then please email us // to inform us within 48hours, if after this time we may be unable to place them under you.

Our affiliate program will tell both yourself and us how much commison your due to be paid and what you have been paid.

All orders placed before 12pm on Thursdays will be paid on Fridays via your chosen payment method. You will be paid a week in arrears.

Please allow up to Monday for your commison to show as during busy periods and holiday seasons admin may be busy processing orders and depending on how you want to receive your commission.

You are responsible to keep a record of your earnings from being an affiliate so print off your income and outcome monthly to make it easier for you when you do any tax returns.

Please make sure you are registered as self employed. We can not be held responsible for any one earning via our website that has not declared themselves as self employed.

You are an independent person and this is your responsibility.

Upon reciept of your application for a referral link it will be processed with in 24 - 48 hours. Admin have the right to refuse individuals as affiliates at any time with out providing reason.

Please note that no credit checks are performed when activating accounts.

When you have been accepted please make sure you read through your back office and add your payment details for commisons to be paid out to you, if this is not done in time your commission may be extended to pay out the following pay day.